Contact Information

Sematool Mold & Die Co.
3350 Scott Blvd., Ste 35
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Phone: 408-988-6668
Fax: 408-988-7599


Sematool Mold Services

  • Production or short-run book molds
  • Modular mold chase assembly for Auto-mold
  • Plastic injection molds

Sematool Die Services

  • Custom design of split / down-set / cut-off dies
  • Automatic or manual lead straightening / respanking dies
  • Custom automatic or manual trim and form dies
  • Progressive stamping dies

Precision CNC Machining

  • Prototype and production of precision machined parts for your end product or manufacturing fixture in your production line.

Precision Surface and Form Grinding

  • Utilizing the latest in technology to assure you consistent accuracy

Metal Stamping

Wire-EDM, Sinking-EDM

  • Versatility in producing a wide range of your precision components, even with complex angles and microfine tolerances.

Miscellaneous Services

  • Carbide or tool steel replacement punches, die inserts and cavity bars
  • Tools, jigs and fixtures
  • Automatic trim / form feeders for pick and place systems
  • Precision Fiber-Optic & Microwave Components
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